Physical Therapy

Our in-house PT enhances all aspects of rehabilitation, including core strengthening and home exercises.

Dr. Robert Scott

Family Medicine


Dr. Joel Cooperman

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Family Practice

We provide a full spectrum of family medicine, from newborns to geriatrics, with everything in between.

Musculoskeletal Medicine

We offer osteopathic manipulation and sports medicine to treat all aspects of pain.

Mary Ann Pearson

Physical Therapy

Denver Osteopathic Center in Aurora is a medical practice providing professional medical care for you and your whole family. 

We specialize in family practice, musculoskeletal medicine and physical therapy.

Osteopathy is an holistic approach to the whole body. This frequently involves a hands-on approach with manual evaluation and treatment, but incorporates traditional medical care when warranted. We place an emphasis on prevention and healthy lifestyle, and

pride ourselves on complete care of the individual, not just a focused look at symptomatology.